A dream come true for a girl who was raised on a farm and taught at an early age that from scratch and home grown is a way of life.. I take pride in everything I make and grow. It is a PASSION of mine. I have tended to a garden since I was a small child, in my childhood I hated pulling weeds and picking green beans but now that I'm older I have gained a love for all the hard work you put into a garden, because the end result can not be purchased at the grocery store. THANKs DAD.. Now every year my dad and I pretty much have a friendly competition of the gardeners. If it can be canned or Froze you better bet this girl will do it, we call our basement the grocery store. :) As far as my passion for baking, I get that from my grandma(aka MEM) she has shared and taught me many things about baking and decorating, Mem's attention to detail and perfection and cost me many hours of practice turned into perfection. She has shared some great family recipes with me that I love sharing with my clients thru their taste buds. From her famous Dinner Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, her wedding cake and one of a kind icing. This last Christmas she gave me the greatest gift ever my Great Grandmothers cookbook from when she worked at the State School, I have made so many great recipes from that cookbook, and found her famous Chocolate cake recipe that has become very popular. Im glad I was blessed with the baking talents from these amazing ladies..  Last but no least I get to thank not only my Grandpa Neuner for my deep farm roots but my parents for continuing that tradition with my brother and I, but also the guy who puts up with my everyday for allowing to me make our kitchen look like a flour mess on most days and for allowing me to enjoy the farm life at the 121 Farmhouse Kitchen with him everyday!!! ( and for challenging me to my first meringue pie) In July of 2015 we were blessed with our first little farmhand.. What a blessing!! Our little farm girl is adjusting well to life at the Farmhouse and we are adjusting to her precious little soul in our lives as well.

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